Are your dog rewards easy to digest?

Our 100% natural products are healthy and nutritious and are easily digested by all sizes and types of dogs. But remember: moderation is always the key.

Are your dog treats chemically treated?

Our treats are simply dried, in part, by carefully baking them in the oven. They are not treated chemically in any way. Norpur provides 100% natural products that are healthy for your dogs.

Are your dog treats suitable for all types and sizes of dogs?

Yes. All dogs love natural treats, regardless of their size! We offer different treat sizes to suit every dog… You may well give a whole ear to a small dog… It’ll only last longer!

Do you transform fresh or frozen cuts?

Our many partnerships with Canadian slaughterhouses of the best reputation enable us to obtain fresh cuts on a daily basis. Since we make thousands of dog treats each week, most of our products – such as ears, strips, and lobes – are fresh cuts.

Is it dangerous to give a treat to my dog without any supervision?

We recommend that you always supervise your dog when it eats a treat, regardless of the size and the texture of the treat.

Is it true that your dog treats are good for my dog’s oral health?

Chewing natural dog treats strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles. Some of our dog rewards such as ears, lobes, strips, and pig tendons contribute to cleaning teeth and gums while reducing plaque.

What enables you to provide dog treats of such a high quality?

We are supplied by meatpacking plants whose products are destined for human consumption. These agreements ensure that we only obtain the freshest products of the highest quality from meat packing plants where hygiene is central to the production process.

If you have another question, do not hesitate to ask us!