Following the recent spread of the Corona virus, Norpur is taking all necessary measures to strictly comply with the hygiene guidelines issued by the government. Any team member who has recently traveled outside the country is automatically quarantined for a period of 14 days. Our factory is washed and disinfected every day. Employees are asked to wash their hands regularly and must keep a considerable distance between each work station.

We will continue to offer you a quality product for your pets. Besides, here is some information to know

Wash your hands! 

Although there is no current evidence to suggest that the coronavirus can be transmitted to your pets, it is still good to follow basic hygiene practices around animals. This includes washing your hands thoroughly throughout the day as well as before and after direct contact with your pets, their food or supplies.

Stock up on pet supplies!

Prepare a kit containing essential supplies to have in an emergency. Your emergency kit should include a minimum 30-day supply of pet food / treats and medication.

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